completed project - open space
project site location
project site - old town’s workers center
the condition of the interior spaces before the renovation
the condition of the interior spaces before the renovation
concept - existing site
concept - establishing new main connection
concept - curtains used as a partitioning system
concept - classroom
concept - gallery
concept - sports area
concept - example of daily usage
concept - concert
concept - open space events
concept - conference
ground level floor plan
section x1
section y1
visualisation - daily usage
visualisation - classroom
completed project - space used as a lecture room
completed project - open space
completed project - partly closed space with the reception desk
completed project - closed space for private program


12/2013 I build project I Iztok Hvala: design, planning, site management, work organization, coordination with contractors I program team: Manca Ogrič, Matevž Štravs, Maša Eržen, Žan Menard

How to create a warm, friendly, and attractive space in a disused dining area in poor condition and with only €6000 budget?

For a long time, youth in Idrija had no place to go, no place to gather, to have lectures and workshops and a place, where they could create and explore their potential. The idea dates back in the year 2009 when the local municipality decided that the former dining area of town’s workers center can be used for a youth program. When it was finally agreed that this location would host the new Idrija’s Youth center, space was already showing signs of poor maintenance. The mold problem was apparent and also the electrical system needed to be redone.
The project started with the idea of establishing a multipurpose space that would offer the capacities to host lectures, workshops, fairs, and even some sporting activities. Also, due to the space dimensions, the system of partitioning was needed, so that it would be able adapt to current needs and future needs.

Due to the tight budget restrictions, every process had to be carefully planned and executed. The time window to complete the project, from site analysis, design, organization, planning, material purchase, and work phase, was only 3 months. In regards that the majority of the work was done by volunteers, it was a big success in the end that everything was done right.
Key elements in this project are the wood ceiling and the curtain partition system. The ceiling with integrated lighting made the space more warm and friendly, while the curtains ensured the flexible usage of space. These two elements also helped to make the space more acoustical. The lighting system was divided into the working light, which can be adjusted by six zones, and the spotlights, for directional lighting purposes.
In the end, the project was very well accepted in the local community and after one year of usage, it still functions as planned and with no changes to the design.