Iztok graduated from the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture with first-class honours and distinction in 2015. For his master thesis project, “Revitalisation of Francis shaft in
Idrija”, he received the National Plečnik Student recognition award for 2015 and got a national nomination for European architecture medals for best diploma projects. During his studies, he collaborated for four years with many architectural offices in Slovenia and also in Croatia. He succeeded in building two major projects, bookstore DEPO at Museum of Contemporary Art in Ljubljana, and second, the refurbishment of the Youth Centre Idrija. Co-founder of the organisation Idrija 2020, which strives to introduce positive changes in the local environment. In the year 2015, he and the team received the POMP Award for 2015 for Special Achievement Award, for the continuous work on magazine ToBoIdrija (TBI). Ten years of active involvement in local scout group, organising and leading many multiple day field trips.
Also the lecturer in the field of surviving in nature and advanced pioneering objects construction. His other big passion is photography, where he worked with many well-known clients nationwide and also taught a photography class for two years at the local high school in Idrija. In his free time, he is an avid runner and much enjoys to travel and explore all around the world.


Subsequently, Iztok went to work for Powell Tuck Associates in London, UK, to work on various projects, from residential house refurbishment design to interior design.

Currently working at Allford Hall Monaghan Morris on an HQ for a major American multinational technology company as part of the design team.

refurbishment, contemporary architecture, design development, organisation, flexibility, production, “can do attitude”


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