Appartment Kobal

kitchen and dining area
project location
new floor plan
new  floor plan - mezzanine floor
section x1
section y3
section y1, y2
work corner in the living room
living space with dining area in the background
bedroom in added mezzanine floor

Apartment Kobal

01/2011 I build project I

Attic refurbishment and conversion to two duplex units for two young families. The concept divided attic space into two almost identical units, differentiated only by the orientation of the vertical installations (chimneys). Due to the attic height, there was also a possibility to create a mezzanine floor, but the original space and its character were something to keep. Therefore living rooms have full height spaces with exposed roof structure elements, bedrooms are positioned in the small mezzanine floor and facing north. Service rooms and bathrooms are all face towards northern facade and nature. Southern views are directed towards main city park and its surroundings.