Intra Lightning Light academy

Intra Lighting Academy - day-time view of the exhibition area
site location
base module variations
base module construction scheme

main concept of the project follows the idea of building a house within a house

ground floor plan
1st floor plan
section x2
section x4
section y2
section y4
perspective section y1 - exhibition space
entrance lobby
night-time view of the exhibition area
day-time view of the educational area
night-time view of the exhibition area
inner patio
scale model - partly disassembled
scale model - detail view

Intra Lightning Light academy

03/2013  I  office project  I  team: Trost and associates; Jan Trošt, Iztok Hvala, Peter Krapež, Samo Kralj   

the project is currently in progress

The Intra Lightning company wants to establish a light academy in abandoned industrial halls in the town of Šempeter, Slovenia. The light academy would consist of teaching center, exhibition area and mix used area for informal gatherings, events, and other cultural meetings. The light academy will become a demonstration and learning space for employees, architects, project leaders and light designers. The light academy would also be a store and a showroom for client’s products.

The main idea was that a tool must be developed, that would ensure that the client does not get an architectural solution, but a system that would be able to adopt current and future needs and would fit the developing brand identity. The key starting point in the design is the need for flexibility. Therefore, all the modules are designed as a system with almost infinite variations but without losing the main project idea. Three sizes of boxes ensure that all the program demands fit in them. The boxes provide all the technical needs for various layouts, from design showroom to lecture room.

The differentiation between an existing structure and a new one is achieved by avoiding all physical contact between those two elements. Spatial contrast is achieved by designing new volumes in white color, while the existing structure stays in its rough, concrete state. The concept also provides the means of constructing the project in various phases.

The site consists of three areas – two industrial halls and a patio between them, and an entry hall. Design connects these three elements into one system. In one hall, there are the workshops areas, and in the other the showroom areas. The entry hall becomes a reception area and a mix showroom area. The middle part becomes a service area with meeting space, administration, bathrooms and a small café. The once disused patio becomes an attractive outdoor area that connects workshops and showroom areas.