Magazine TBI

TBI, magazine for the future of the city

TBI, magazine for the future of the city is a magazine founded by Iztok Hvala and Matevz Straus and published by Klub Idrijskih Studentov (Students’ Association Idrija – KIŠ) and association Idrija 2020
The magazine highlights young local artists, unconventional sports, and innovative projects and discusses issues such as social sciences-natural sciences gap and potential of heritage. It also represents a new level of possibilities with publishing in local context. Around the magazine gathered a group of like-minded young ambitious Idrijans – many of them studying and working abroad, e.g. in London, Brussels and Copenhagen, – that wanted to take a step further in youth participation, address the ignored challenges and co-create the future of their hometown with a deep respect for its heritage and the possibilities it provides.

– 6th POMP Forum content marketing awards 2015: Special Achievement Award
– 7th POMP Forum content marketing awards 2016: Special mention award for best non-governmental or public magazine
7th POMP Forum content marketing awards 2016: Special mention award for best design solution


TBI / no. 1

First issue of the new magazine covers the story about the local club Swenak and its rich history. Issue also writes about the reuse possibilities of old mining facilities, about the hanging bridges over river Idrijca, about rock climbing in the climbing center Strug in Zgornja Idrijca Natural Park, about the cycling on the Ledine plateau, about Idrija’s punk period and the flagship band Kuzle, about Daphne Levac Cornelissen and much more.

Guest writter in this issue is Tomaz Kosmac – Kozmo, Sergej Hvala and Tomaz Jereb




TBI / no. 2

Second issue focuses on the creation of the Youth Centre Idrija and the refurbishment of the new spaces to host the new centre. Issue also features the chat with director of Idrija Municipal Museum Ivana Leskovec, explores the views on Idrija from the people who moved into the city, about the program revitalisation in the city’s cinema, about the Sturmajce farm and about the forthcoming Cipkarija summer festival. Furthermore issue explores the slack-line sport in city and about the works of young architects from the area, about the unique dish Napoleona in pasje grofice flirt, about the festival of experimental music Sinafest, about Geocaching and the story about contemporary dancer Ursa Rupnik.

Guest writter in this issue is mag. Viktorija Gorjup and Mira Zitka.



TBI / no. 3

Third issue of the magazine covers the story about the artificial dilemma between natural science and social science in conjunction with the employment possibilities for young graduates in Idrija. This issue also writes about the writer and immigrated local Davorin Lenko, about his work, sexuality and Lana del Rey, about Bumbar bar and the music creation that goes on there, about the adventurer, but not extremist Dejan Sedej, about the novelties of this year’s Cipkarija festival, about our tribute to Idrija’s municipal councelors, and about lot more.

Host writter in this issue is again Tomaz Kosmac, joined by Ales Car.





TBI / no. 4

Fourth issue of the magazine focuses on the future of Idrija. It investigates the current state of activities and programs in the city and it also touches the toppic about the relative “comfort zone” that Idrija nowadays represents with its successful electro industry. Idrijan youth population is researched intensively and answers on three main issues for them are provided. On the topic of future, start-up activity in Idrija is presented and future opportunities are discussed. Perspective Idrijans that are studying abroad discuss the question of brain drain or brain circulation. Jan Tratnik, successful cyclist is portrait for this issue. Refugee topic is also presented in this issue, accompanied by photographs from Matic Zorman. (photographs in this issue later won him 1st place award for World Press Photo 2016, people category).