Park over highway

project area in Ljubljana, Slovenia
project site
new connections through the site
new meeting areas
new green areas
concept - covering the highway
concept - new open space
concept - connections through the site
concept - new program volumes
concept - covering the program boxes, creating unique park landscape
concept - new site scheme
new site plan

Park over the highway

05/2011 I student project I mentor prof. Peter Gabrijelčič

The city of Ljubljana received its main highway ring quite late, in the 1990s. The width of the highway created a degraded area all around the city. This project is trying to answer the question, how to make such areas usable again.
Project area, the northern part of the highway in Ljubljana is the location of many residential and business units, that lacks the appropriate outdoor area, such as peaceful parks and recreation zone.
The concept covers the highway, creating vast open space. Through the area, three main connection paths are established. On that, program volumes are placed and on top of them, new green park surface.
This creates a dynamic landscape, full of vibrant program and overall an area, where people enjoy spending their time.