Workshop TBI

adaptive reuse through open kitchen concept in abandoned mining facility in Idrija  I  collage by Margarita Nutfulina  

small town. big distances - identifyng three “heat centers” which are separated from one another by relatively empty areas

endangered species: Youth - gap between young and old is getting bigger and bigger

diversification is needed - the importance of diversified employment structure in the city

turning hobbies into creative businesses - city characterized by creativity, yet very few take economic advantage of it
spatial plan of the new interventions / projects
projects follow the concept of Dmitri Mendeleev's Periodic table - some fields are complete while other still remain to be discovered /created

active heritage reuse through pop-up interventions such as summer movie screening in unique environment  I  collage by Margarita Nutfulina  

creating nature paths and connecting different parts of the city  I  collage by Margarita Nutfulina  
turning niches into creative businesses   I  collage by Margarita Nutfulina  


educating and mentoring young entrepreneurs  I  collage by Margarita Nutfulina  
  creating a vibrant start-up scene and awarding the best of them  I  collage by Margarita Nutfulina  
stimulating entrepreneurship through creating mercury research center
new intergenerational center - creating spaces and events for all social groups  I  collage by Margarita Nutfulina  
new Idrija identity through GO Idrija Exploration

creating a vibrant cultural  environment on old square with street food festival proposal  I  collage by Margarita Nutfulina  

creating vibrant cultural environment through establishing residences for artists in abandoned mining facilities  I  collage by Margarita Nutfulina  

Co-housing project based on the old Idrijan house typology on a neglected site  I  by Taja Dežman

old town square revitalization  I  by Marko Brdar
new bus station that serves as a connecting point for three dislocated city areas  I  by Žiga Jaklič
Kajzer park revitalization as centre for hobby and creative activities  I  by Urška Škrap
innovation center in abandoned furnace  I  by Petra Glavič
public workshop presentation and dialogue with city  shareholders  I  photo by Miha Tratnik Bajc
participants exploring project location in Idrija during introduction visit in March 2016  I  photo by Marko Čuk 
the initial meeting and discussion in town hall  I  photo by Marko Čuk
brainstorming ideas and developing new concepts  I  photo by Miha Tratnik Bajc

pilot example of adaptive reuse in Idrija – project exhibition in abandoned Joseph Shaft  I  photo by Marko Čuk 

exhibition in Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia  I  photo by Marko Čuk 

group photo of participants and mentors  I  photo by Marko Čuk

WORKSHOP TBI: youth, city and heritage

09/2015 – 09/2016  I  research project  I  co-leader and co-initiator

Team: Iztok Hvala, Matevž Straus
Mentors: Doc. Mitja Zorc, prof. dr. Marjan Hočevar, Doc. dr. Mihael Kline, Iztok Hvala
Support: Maša Eržen, Tadeja Pavšič, Anja Fortuna

Project »TBI: youth, city and heritage« is a response of 30 young people from 7 countries, to the challenges of local environment and the lack of employment skills, in which young people search and create proposal for the development of three locations of industrial heritage in UNESCO-protected Idrija through work in international working groups. Researching city’s background, analyzing and proposing a new vision for Idrija in the 21st century through more than 60 various scale projects and interventions. More can be found at

Idrija is a place of immense potential and inspiration. Once a small and remote, but strategically positioned town, it is now at the crossroads: Will it fall asleep in the comfort of history – or will it use its rich heritage for new great works?

Explore the elements of the new vision that – just like the mystic alchemists once believed – spring from mercury, the ‘primamateria’, the elixir of life.

Ardeleanu Alexandra, Blagojević Aleksandar, Brvar Marko, Croitoriu Andra, Česnik Klavdija, Dežman Taja, Eržen Maša, Fortuna Anja, Gjörek Eva, Glavič Petra, Hildebrandt Viktor, Ignat Irina-Madalina, Jaklič Žiga, Lukan Tinca, Marin Roxana, Mav Timotej, Milić Predrag, Mofardin Luka, Nutfulina Margarita, Orozco Ramirez Juan Sebastian, Pata Domnita Irina, Pečan Janja, Paval Oana, Pavšič Tadeja, Remezkova Victoria, Roux Mailice, Sandu Milea Lucian, Verney Carron Benjamin, Visković Rojs Danaja, Vladimirescu Magdalena Carmen, Škrap Urška, Zamfira Razvan

Special thanks to:
Arcadia svetila, Center za idrijsko dediščino, Davor Velikajne, Društvo tabornikov Rod srebrnih krtov Idrija, Družine Eržen, Hvala, Fortuna, Pavšič in Straus, Gostišče Barbara, GRAVI – Mihael Mlakar, Idrijsko-Cerkljanska razvojna agencija, Komunala Idrija, Merkur Kolektor Koling, Mestni muzej Idrija, Občina Idrija, Rudnik živega srebra Idrija, Šlabnik Urban, Študentska organizacija Slovenije, Vinska klet Trta 1949, Zveza ŠKIS